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W*intercom is reliable and ‘fat free’

Many of our customers rent our w*intercom systems. We offer both purchase and rental options. But in general, a lot of w*intercom systems are in...
wintercom is a wireless phone and PA system for difficult environments such as oil rigs, oil camps, chemical plants, factories

Eric’s Tech Tips – w*intercom can get you moving!

A customer told me something interesting recently. This factory had an emergency system installed a long time ago. It was triggered by any of...

Eric’s Tech Tips – Other Uses for w*intercom’s Horn Relay Function

The w*intercom horn relay function can open gates Back in 2009, when we were designing the w*intercom, we gave it a horn relay function. It...

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Our customers use our products in some of the most environmentally demanding situations on earth. w*intercom, ZipLine, and MoNet products are used throughout the world in oil and gas drilling operations, fuel sites, and electrical and gas utilities.