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MONET™, the world’s only standalone Modem over IP (MoIP) Network Interface.

MONET™ Standalone Modem over IP Network Interface

There are countless modems in the world in remote devices that provide access to vital business data.

You may be an electrical utility with revenue meters, or you might be in the fuel business and need to update fuel access lists, or need remote machines to provide credit card verification. You might have remote security sites, SCADA or telemetry modems. These are a handful of examples of where remote modems are used.

The MoNet allows you to access these modems over the internet, or through cellular data networks, WiFi, or private Wide Area Networks. Modem over IP, VOIP and MOP. Cost savings versus phone line access can amount to tens of thousands of dollars when deploying MoNet. The best part is that you do not need to change anything on your host computer to dial into a MoNet site – it’s just like using modems. Save Money with MoNet!

 MoNet (MoIP) Data Sheet (pdf)