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Introducing the NEW Airborne High Performance MESH with WiFI

Easy Networking for Industrial Sites
If you could do it with Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cable, you can do it with Airborne. Our fully meshed 58 radio technology makes every radio a repeater. There are no home/remote, or base/remote, access points or clients. With the built-in WiFi, the Mesh network acts as the backhaul for your 2.4GHz WiFi network.

Download the Datasheet

Superior Local WiFi Access

Our WiFi covers a much wider range and distance than typical WiFi access points. Super for Outdoor industrial use where you need increased range verus standard indoor WiFi routers. Improve your WiFi range outdoors with the strongest WiFi possible.

Higher Power Output = Stronger Signal

Our power output is as much as hundreds of times more powerful than our competitors, and still legal for unlicensed use! Cover your entire outdoor compound or facility with WiFi, and bring your IP video cameras as well! Each location gets MESH backhaul to the rest, and an Ethernet port.

Factory-Preconfigured for Setup in Seconds

These Airborne systems can be factory preconfigured with OEM settings to allow your field staff extremely efficient installation. Cut your field deployment times by hours per site.

Cloud-based Management

Cloud based Management coming soon with Teletics Harness (optional), allows much more efficient support and programming changes if needed, and can centralize your diagnostic and support functions for all your sites. See sites with problems before anyone notices, update firmware, reboot, and more!