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ZIPLINE™ High Performance WiFi

Outdoor WiFi up to 1mile or 1.6km

Our ZipLine All-Outdoor WiFi Access Point is built for outdoor usage, in areas where your standard WiFi access point just doesn’t cut it. The ZipLine Wi-Fi will provide coverage to users within a range of up to 1 mile (1.6km), depending upon a range of factors including the terrain, the foliage and the structures in the area. Each unit provides coverage in a 120 degree range so if you need coverage in 360 degrees, you will need 3 units.

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Designed for Outdoor Usage with Easy Install

ZipLine WiFi is built for outdoor usage so you won’t need to install it indoors, just install it on a pole or the side of a structure, point it in the direction of the area where you need access and you are good to go. ZipLine WIFi is rugged, designed to withstand rain and temperatures from -40C to +60C, -40F to 155F.

Superior Local WiFi Access

Our WiFi covers a much wider range and distance than typical WiFi access points. With higher power output, it provides superior outdoor coverage where you need it. Improve your WiFi range outdoors with the strongest WiFi possible.

Who can use ZipLine High Performancce WiFi?  Need Internet/ VoIP but cannot trench cable?
ZipLine High Performance WiFi is ideal for:

  • Construction sites
  • Security phone applications
  • Between buildings and across parking lots
  • Campgrounds
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Outdoor Recreation Sites
  • Temporary camps that require wifi access
  • Recreational properties
  • Cardlock or unmanned fueling islands
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Application Notes