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App Note: Public Beach Communications Solution

Posted On 05 Apr 2018
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Public beaches by nature are generally not within close reach of wired telecommunications services. And if they are, there might still be outbuildings and other areas where a phone or PA/ loud speaker system would be required, in order to address public visitors on the beach, such as to announce a beach closure or public safety issue. Teletic’s w*intercom wireless system is an ideal solution for a beach environment.

Increase public safety with a wireless distributed public address and telephone system

Sikome Lake is a public beach and recreation area located just outside Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Up to 20,000 people per day use this family friendly recreation area in the summer which keeps the staff busy ensuring the safe use of the area. There are four buildings, and staff communicated with each other over two-way radios.There were regular phones in the main building but not the other three. What the facility required was regular phone access in all the buildings and a way to communicate quickly with the public in the event a mass announcement was necessary.

Canadian company RigStar Communications installed w*intercom, providing a complete solution for public address coverage and phone service for every building at Sikome Lake. Now, any staff member at any time can pick up a phone and issue a warning over Public Address to all the visitors from any building location. Plus, phones can be used from any building to any other building in the complex. Since the w*intercom system is completely self contained, phone or Internet disruptions never affect the reliability of the w*intercom system. All this for less than the cost of the existing public address system at the main building and with no additional wiring between buildings.

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