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W*INTERCOM™ Wireless Intercom for Drilling Rigs and Mobile Worksites

W*INTERCOM™ Wireless Rig Intercom

Our w*intercom wireless rig intercom & PA system is the third generation, built to provide reliable wireless communications on a drilling rig site, a temporary work camp that moves frequently or any type of similar industrial environment. W*intercom is a Professional Grade wireless system, designed for harsh environments.

W*intercom provides the following services:Teletics wintercom manual

  • Phone
  • Internet
  • LOUD ring / paging
  • LOUD PA (public address)

The w*intercom Wireless Rig Intercom is Plug-n-Play

This wireless rig intercom system is designed for specifically for rapid installation by staff with minimal computer skills. It can be installed fast and taken down fast.

The w*intercom system works “right out or the box” and it provides integrators and service providers a robust “industrial grade” wireless intercom, phone, Internet, and public address platform which allows rapid field deployment combined with simple development of custom services and telephony options for field sites.

W*intercom provides SIP-compliant Phone Services

When installed with the w*intercom Feature Server, a full featured SIP server, w*intercom can allow outside calling, intercom, individual or group paging, and conference calling functionality. With our free of charge developer’s kit, SIP integrators can even add other features or functions, or integrate third party devices into the system. Additional lines from outside can also be added using SIP trunking.

W*intercom offers easy integration with cellular, landline, VSAT and Inmarsat. Up to 20 locations on each site can receive Phone, Internet, Ring Relay, and LOUD Ring/Paging. Up to 4 locations can receive direct in/out dialing through the w*intercom Feature Server.

W*intercom is an Industrial Wireless PA System

Up to 20 locations on each site can receive Phone, Internet, Ring Relay, and LOUD Ring/Paging.  When we say loud, we mean LOUD: 40WRMS.


w*intercom Data Sheet (pdf)

Feature Server data sheet (pdf)