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App Note – Drilling Rig Communications

Posted On 20 Dec 2021
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Drilling rigs and other mobile work camps have unique communications problems. First, they need to talk to the rest of the world, which is solved with technologies such as VSAT and cellular. Second, they need to be able to communicate with each other, including having the ability to call out over a Public Address system to the entire camp, for safety and drilling practices purposes.

The Teletics w*intercom is a wireless rig phone and a wireless rig intercom system. It can be installed in a trailer at a drilling rig site and because it is a wireless system, it can be easily moved as the drilling rig is moved. The connection to the outside work will come in typically from a rigsat or rig satellite and then you distribute that phone signal throughout the camp and worksite using w*intercom.

In many cases, drilling rig sites are very remote and outside of the regular mobile or cellular network’s reach so that is not an option for drilling rig nor drilling camp communications.

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